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Wednesday, September 5th 2007

9:58 AM

Healthy Living

Yesss it's the name of my  health blog.And I'm requesting you to kindly edit my link into www.julaisfitness.com. The blog is already open for the public and the good news is that all your links are already there,heeheh.I transferred al my links here into that blog and I hope that you'll do the same.

See you in my other blog and hope that you'll enjoy there.I'll be visiting all your blogs to let you know of the changes.

Thank you very much!

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Wednesday, September 5th 2007

9:48 AM

d reason

Hi everyone!!I'm finally back from my very longgggggggg absence in this blog and I'm soo sorry about it!

I'm still active in the blogging world, but in this blog and the reason is because I concentrated on my other blog to replace this one.Yesss I'm so sorry to tell you but I'm leaving this blog already it's because I encountered problems with PPP. I joined this blog with PPP and it's already accepted, but the problem is that I can't post opps here.It always says that I made something wrong in my posting.

And besides,the content of this blog is very similar to my Julai's Corner.You can always track my personal life there.But don't worry because i already transferred all my links here to my other blog,a health blog named Healthy Living.

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Wednesday, August 22nd 2007

5:58 PM

An Aunt once again


Yesss I'm an aunt once again.My sis-in-law delivered a baby girl last July 23,2007 at around 12 noon Philippine time. I was really very happy when my Mama texted that the delivery went fine and the baby girl is healthy.

I didn't post this news before because I'm waiting to see the photos of the new addition to my small family. My bestfriend is back here in Norway with some photos of the newborn and I just kept on looking at it again and again and keep on giggling,heheheh.My mother told me that the baby is very healthy and looks like 1 month old even if she's still 2 days old,aheehehe.

My Mama texted that the newborn looks like me and my beloved Papa.The black,thick hair,the nose,the face and the body structure, which is chubby,ahehhe.So I was really very excited to see the photos.The baby was a 8 pounds and my sis-in-law told me that it was very painful coz the 1st child was very small then,so it was just easy giving birth.

They decided to name the babygirl HAJEA.It's from the name Hageo in the Bible and just change the G with a J since it's the common letter in our names and it starts with letter H to compliment with the my 1st niece's name,HATIFA.

Here's the pics and it's up to you if you'll agree that the baby looks like me,ahehhee.

Baby Hajea, d little Julai,hehehe.

Baby Hajea with her Mamang.

Last Sunday,August 19,was Baby Jea's christening.Welcome to the Christian world baby.Your Tita Julai loves you!
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Saturday, August 18th 2007

11:02 PM

babysitting again!

Hi everyone!It's weekend again and I'm soo happy because my friends are visiting and staying with me in my apartment.They came on friday night and we've been sleepless since then due to long hours of chika2x,hehehe.

I'm here in my employer's house now coz I'm looking after the children because they're attending a 40th birthday of one of their friends.And for sure they'll be coming very late..or very early in the morning should I say coz just like the other time,they came home at 6 am and the other time at 5 am.Good thing and Anny Helen (daughter of Ate Bren) also came her for a visit with her parents and my "alagas" were having a good time with her and they were playing til 8 in the evening.So I was able to put the girls to bed easily because they were very tired and they're not arguing at all,hehehe.

I'll bring down my lappy back to my apartment before 3am here coz one of my friends will use it coz she's gonna chat with her sister in Pinas through YM.

Have a nice evening everyone and happy weekend.

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Thursday, August 16th 2007

12:51 PM


hi everyone!I hope all of you are doing fine outthere.
I had a wonderful weekend because my bestfriend,Ate Eves and Ate Ca were back here in Norway safely from their vacation in Pinas.Despite the ticket problems that they encounter,they're finally back,safe and sound.Thanks GOD.

My hostfamily went out for vacation once again last friday and they just arrived yesterday afternoon.So I don't have work for 3 days,but sad to say that I was not able to blog coz I felt so lazy..I don't know what wrong with me,but I don't feel like blogging these days.Too tired to think,hehehe.

I'm busy chatting with my new flame though,hahaha.kidding!But I promise to double time once I'll gain back the energy to blog.I know I have a lot of pending tags from friends,forgive me for not doing them immediately,but I promise to do them.Please don't get mad at me for being so lazy these days.

Have a nice day everyone!

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Wednesday, August 8th 2007

9:44 PM

it's beach time!

Hi everyone!Hope everyone is doing fine.
It was very hot this morning here in Norway,as well as yesterday and it came unto my mind to post the photos that I got during our beach adventure in Denmark during my vacation,but I was not able to do it this afternoon coz I fall asleep,heheheheh.

It was July 25 when we decided to go to the beach.Analyn,Florean,Ninia,Pascal (Ninia's Bf) and I went to Liseleje,to the summerhouse of Analyn's employer which is situated few meters away from the beach.Though the beach was not that nice since it was windy,so the water was not the clear,but despite it,we still had a great time taking pictures and posing for the camera,heheheh.

Here are some photos:

Taken in the garden of my employer in Denmark,before finally going to the each.

with Florean,before leaving our employer's cat,Lille Miss, for one night.

Analyn,Florean,Ninia and her bf,Pascal from Germany.He's our driver that day.Thanks Pascal.

Analyn's turn to take the picture,hehehe.

Showing off our tattoes,but unfortunately they're soooo small..heheheh

The Little Mermaid and her famous bilbil,hehehe.

wowww the beach is so nice!Sorry forgot to bring my 2-piece,aheheeh.

Jumping high with Analyn,hheheh.I love this pic!

Jumping time with Florean.Susss ko perte jung mga kiata oii,heheheh.

Relaxing with the sea.

Trying to hide the holy tummy,hehehehe.

After staying for hourse in the beach,we decided to go back to the summerhouse coz we're already freezing due to the very cold wind.We ate dinner and then went outside again to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

in the hammock with Florean before enjoying the sunset.

With Analyn.

no,I'm not planning to jump off the cliff,I'm just emoting,hehhehe.

Naughty girls,hehehe.

And the picture taking continues even during bedtime,hahhaha.THat's how crazy we are when it comes to pictures,hehehhe.

ang babae sa bintana,hehehe.

Mother and Child photo.She's the mother,I'm the child,hehehe.

Still in the mood to pose.

And finally,we got tired and decided to doze off.

Happy viewing everyone!
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Monday, August 6th 2007

10:08 AM


hi everyone!I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.Mine was a mixture of both fun and tensed.

I spent friday night in my friend's place,Ate Diza,one of my close friends that I havn't seen for almost a month due to my travels.We had fun and we watched films in her place.

I was babysitting on Saturday starting at 3pm.I replaced my bestfriend Bhing of her task.She's suppose to babysit,but she she got some problems on her return flight to Norway,so she was not able to arrive her on friday night.She's still in Pinas right now and I really felt sorry for her.Hope that the problem will be solved very soon.
Due to the babysitting,I was not able to attend the Genaral Assembly in the Church,huhhuh.
I had a disaster on sunday.The employer drove me off to the train station and I decided to go back to my apartment and get the charger of my phone.I left my phone in Ate Diza's place and used hers instead so I an still receive SMS and call on saturday.And after getting the charger I waited for 2 more hours before heading back to the train station.I arrived at my friend's place and we were eating voraciously there,heheheh.They prepared ginisang tahong (hmmmm soo yummy),ginamos and buwad and inunonan nga tulingan from pinas...as in very delicious.After 1 hour I left so I can attend the 6pm mass.I decided to take the train to make it fast.It was the first time that I took the train from there.I boarded the wrong train,the one going to the countryside.The ticket officer told me to get off the next station and wait for the other train on the other direction.huhuhuh.The station was so quiet and I was the only one there.I saw a guy with a bottle on his hand,looking like a drunk heeding to the station.I got tensed and I hid in the chair,good thing and I didn't see him again.The train finally came after more than 30 minutes of waiting.It was so cold since it was very windy.

It was already 7pm,so I didn't go to church anymore and I went to Ate Bren's place to give my "paluwagan" and stayed there until 10 pm coz I eceived a text from my employer saying that I don't have to work early tomorrow since the kids are not home,they're in their grandparents summerhouse.

Finally arrived in my apartment around 11pm and so tired.My back was aching,maybe due to the walks that I did during the weekend.But I'm thankful to GOD and I arrived in my place safely.

Have a nice monday everyone!

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Thursday, August 2nd 2007

12:19 PM

ukay2x Denmark style

During my vacation in Denmark,I went to a loppemarked with my cousins.I already mentioned it before,it's like a garage sale or ukay2x in Pinas,but they are selling their own things in cheap amount.It's the danish's way of making fun under the sun.And my cousins and I are just crazy about it,heheheh.Because the things that they're selling are almost new and some are really new (still with the tag in it)and also branded.

We call it "loppe" for short and it's always on a sunday.So on July 22nd,we went together for the loppemarked.We really had fun and bought a lot of things and also spend a lot of money,huhuhuh.

I had only 1 bag when I came to Denmark and when I went back here,I already had 2 due to the things that I bought.I didn't tell my employer in Denmark about it coz I'm shy that she'll comment about it,though in a funny way,heheh.Coz when my cousin Florrean arrived in DK,she told her not to be like me..buying a lot of things from loppe,hehehe.And in one of my visits,my employer reported to me that Florrean is worst coz she's buying a lot of things than me,heheh.

Here's some photos:

Taken in the garden of my employer,before going to the loppe.

The loppemarked.It's dark coz it was raining,so they had the displays under the garage.They usually do it in the open area during sunny days.

My cousins Florrean,Analyn and Lisa.2 of my paternal cousins were not in the photo coz they were busy looking for something to buy, .

with Florrean and Analyn.

We were really having fun during that day and we went to another loppe place before finally going back home.And we had fun fitting the dresses and shoes we bought.And my cousins went ballistic coz I bought a pair of yellow shoes,hehhehe.I'll show the photo later.
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Wednesday, August 1st 2007

11:40 PM

no cooking

As I've said in my earlier post,I started working at 7:30 am as my female employer told me lastnight since they will wake up late.True enough my male employer slept until 9 am and I was entertaining the smaller kid since the father will take her to the kindergarten.Good thing and the kid was also in good mood,hurrah.

My female employer walked the eldest kid to school and she told me before they left that I don't have to prepare dinner since there's nothing in the fridge.I'm soo glad,atleast I can relax after my busy day yesterday.

I was done tidying up the house at around 12:30 pm and went down to my apartment and ate lunch. I was surfing the net when I saw 3 deers outside.It was my 2nd time to see deers in the vicinity of the house.My employers said that deers are strolling almost everyday before they cleared the forest near the house. I hurriedly took my camera and opened the door to take photos,but the noise drove them away,so I was not successful in taking pics,huhuhuh.

I dozed off at around 3pm and woke at 5pm and started surfing again.I ate dinner and made some other things.All in all,I have a ncie day today and I hope you have a great day too.

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Wednesday, August 1st 2007

10:13 PM

a busy tuesday

I was back to work officially on tuesday and I had a very busy day.I was really catching my breath at the end of the day coz I made a general cleaning coz the house is a mess after a long vacation.And I made dinner despite the fact that there's not much in the freezer.Good thing and my employer was impressed and told me that "i can make dinner out of nothing",heheheh.

And in the evening,I looked after the kids since my employers have separate social gatherings to attend to.I'm so glad coz the kids were very behaved.I had fun with them and to my surprised they already listened to my instructions.I hope this will be the beginning of my smooth relationship with the kids.

My female employer went home past 12 midnight and told me that I can start working at 7:30 the following morning.

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